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Andrew Samuels
Chief Executive

Our borrowers come to us because, principally, we are able to offer a fast, flexible, professional service, against the backdrop of poor service from many banks.

Loan Size: £30,000 to £5,000,000
Loan Term: Anything from 1 day up to 12 months (longer if required)
Interest Payments: Serviced or rolled over
Loan To Value: Up to 70% of the 90 day forced sale valuation of the property
Professional Fees: Paid by the Borrower
Primary Collateral: First legal charge secured against property. In exceptional circumstances, a second charge may be accepted
Other Collateral: Other properties or assets may be pledged as security
Personal Guarantees: Where possible personal guarantees are sought
Geography: Typically London and the Home Counties

Whether you need to fund an auction purchase, a refurbishment or development, or simply to raise capital: