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Peter Bloom
Principal Lending Director

We work closely with all our customers to provide the service that they need as fast as possible. Examples of some of the more popular services that we offer are listed below.

Auction purchases

From the moment the hammer goes down, you’ve effectively exchanged contracts. In order to complete your purchase, you need reliable finance, and you need it quickly. That’s where B.M. Samuels come in.

We have the know-how, the experience, and the drive to get the completion through – even if you call us very late in the process. One of the advantages of being so quick…

Development / refurbishment facilities

You’re just about to purchase a plot of land. Perhaps there’s planning permission to build a couple of houses, or a run down house that needs complete refurbishment. Either way, you’re going to create something fantastic.

You need 100% of the building costs, and you need to complete the purchase fast. One call to B.M. Samuels, and we’ll assess your requirement and come back to you with a solution in lightning speed.

Purchasing property at a discount to value

  1. You have bought a property.
  2. You have increased its value by 25% before you needed to complete the purchase.
  3. You may have achieved this by obtaining a planning gain, or through refurbishing the property between exchange and completion.

We recognise your achievement and we will lend against the value of the property and not the purchase price. That means that at times we can lend as much as 90% of the purchase price.

Capital raising / refinancing

You have an existing property (or a portfolio of properties) and you want a loan for any purpose. It may be to buy other properties or it may be for your own personal reasons.

We’ll assess your situation on it’s own merits, and use our renowned speed to provide you with the funds quickly.

Whether you need to fund an auction purchase, a refurbishment or development, or simply to raise capital: