Privacy Policy

This privacy notice relates to B M Samuels Finance Group PLC and B M Samuels PLC (“the BMS Group”). It has been revised, following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced in May 2018.

Website and Cookies
We use a third party provider, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns to help understand things such as the number of visitors, the pages visited and how long is spent on each page. Although we may know the number of unique visitors based on their IP address we do not attempt to use this information to attempt to identify visitors and do not allow Google Analytics to do so either.

You can read about our cookie policy here

We use a third party service to help maintain the security and performance of our website. To deliver this service it processes the IP addresses of visitors to our website.

Making contact
By phone
– We use call number identification to recognise who is calling us and to have a short term record of calls received. We may record some calls for training and monitoring purposes. We will capture information that you give us for our records and in order to deal with your enquiry and process it in accordance with our processing basis as set out below.

By email – We encrypt some emails in order to protect customer data. If you send us an email that is not encrypted your personal data may be at risk. We will capture and process the information in the email for our legitimate interest and legal purposes.

By on-line enquiry and post – When we receive an enquiry or application via the enquiry form on our website, by email or a paper application it will contain personal information for funders, applicant(s) and possibly other parties in connection with the property(ies). If you subscribe to our newsletter we will use your details for our own marketing purposes. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Providing information to us
In providing information to us about other people you warrant that you have their permission to give us their data and that you have provided them with our privacy notice so that they are aware of the basis on which we will process their information. We store information provided to us in both electronic and paper based systems.

Basis of processing data

We will hold and process your data for our legitimate interests in order to:

  • Determine whether or not to offer a loan
  • Manage any loan advanced through to redemption
  • Manage any relationship with intermediaries including a record of introductions, payments made and other relevant information appropriate to managing the relationship
  • Manage the relationship with funders or anyone applying to become a funder and to maintain appropriate records relevant to that relationship
  • Recruit and employ and manage staff and to provide references
  • Manage business relationships with our professional advisers, contractors and third party providers
  • Share information where necessary with funders, our professional advisers, contractors and third party providers and anyone who may wish to acquire all or any part of our business
  • Share information with other companies in the same group and associated companies
  • Carry out checks with fraud prevention and credit agencies and tracing agencies if required

We will hold and process your data for legal purposes in order to:

  • Meet our legal obligations
  • Help identify you and meet our anti-money laundering obligations
  •  Supply information to any government body, regulatory authority, law enforcement agency as required and to fraud prevention agencies

We will hold and process your data by consent for marketing purposes in order to keep you informed of:

  • Our products and services
  • Information contained in our latest newsletter

We may use a third party provider to issue this information to you but will not share your information with any other third party for marketing purposes.

Third party professional advisers and contractors
Any information that we pass to third party professional advisers and contractors is on a confidential basis. We require such third parties to confirm adherence to the principles of GDPR and to ensure that they take appropriate steps to keep data secure and protected.

BMS Staff
BMS staff have access to your data. All staff are trained and are subject to criminal background checks. Staff are able to work from home from time to time. Access to our network is password protected.

Physical security and physical data
All current hard copy data is held in lockable cabinets. After a period of time post repayment of loans files are transferred to a secure off-site storage centre. Files are subsequently destroyed in accordance with the group’s destruction policy.

CCTV – We may capture images of vehicles and people entering our premises and shared facilities in the building for crime prevention and detection purposes.

Retaining information
We will retain information for our legitimate interests, legal purposes and marketing purposes as follows:

  • For loans advanced – up to 6 years after the loan has redeemed but may be longer where legal action has been taken or is pending
  • For enquiries and applications for loans not advanced – up to 1 year from the date the enquiry or application is marked not proceeded with – may be longer where a fraudulent application is made. We may also need to keep any anti-money laundering information gathered for a period of up to 5 years
  • On Intermediaries – up to 6 years from the end of our relationship
  • On funders – up to 6 years from the end of our relationship
  • On professional advisers, contractors and third party advisers – up to 6 years from the end of our relationship
  • On staff – up to 10 years after termination of employment
  • On CCTV records – up to 28 days, after which they are deleted unless they are required for a longer period

The credit agencies have their own basis on which they process your data and you can view their privacy notice here: EXPERIAN and EQUIFAX

All information is retained within the EEA. If we were to export any of your data to a non EEA state we would take appropriate measures to protect the data.

Your rights
You have the right as an individual to request details on the information we hold on you and to ask us to correct any information which may be inaccurate.

You are also able to exercise your right to be forgotten. This does not mean we will have to automatically delete all information held on you as we may still need to keep appropriate information in order to meet our legal obligations and for our legitimate interests.

You might also wish to complain about the way in which we have processed your data.

To exercise your rights or to make a complaint please contact us:

By email to, by telephone on 020 8349 9090, or by post to B M Samuels Finance Group Plc, 314 Regents Park Road, Finchley, London N3 2JX.

You also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office. You can make a complaint to them via their website or by calling them on 0303 123 1113.

Changes to this privacy notice
We may review our privacy notice from time to time.

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