Case studies

Over many years we have built a reputation based on speed, reliability, transparency and flexibility.

As a result we have developed strong relationships with borrowers, which means that often 40% of our borrowers at any given time are repeat borrowers or referrals from existing clients.

  • Bought a house, divided into flats in Folkestone for £320,000. Thought his finance was arranged. Let down with 1 week to go. BMS sorted out his problems,gave him a loan, and he refinanced it shortly thereafter. We saved him his deposit of 32,000.

    Developer let down by his funders
  • A company owned a restaurant with a residential upper part. The company obtained planning permission to build an extra floor and create three flats in the upper parts. It needed funding of £650,000 to replace its existing borrowings and to develop the upper parts, but it struggled to raise the funds.

    We assessed the merits of the deal and decided to provide the company with the funding. It is now the proud owner of an attractive valuable mixed commercial / residential investment property, which has more than doubled in value.

    The restaurateur
  • The director/shareholders of a highly successful trading company were approached to invest £1.4 million in a residential development scheme in Portugal.

    Their equity was the final piece in a funding jig-saw, without which a £30 million project would have fallen through. The only problem was, they needed the money in a week. No problem for BMS, We secured the loan against the directors’ personal homes and produced the goods bang on time.

    Capital raising in a hurry
  • We met a lady at a property auction. She asked us what we did and said “why would I need to come to you, when I can get my funding cheaper through my bank?”

    She bought a beautiful property in Fulham for £850,000, but her bank manager was away when she approached him for finance. With only a matter of days to go before completion, she approached us. We duly obliged and she got her property. £85,000 deposit – saved.

    The cynic
  • An individual was in the process of building a detached home in the West Country. Unfortunately, he ran out of funds to complete the work, and his bank would not give him any more.

    BMS assessed the situation, and worked out that even if the costs to complete tripled, there would be sufficient equity in the deal to repay the loan. So we provided a loan to repay his bank and complete the remainder of the development and the house is now complete, to the pride and joy of the client.

    Incomplete development

Whether you need to fund an auction purchase, a refurbishment or development, or simply to raise capital: